Thursday, 11 September 2008

Chicken, Spuds and Rice : All-in-One Supper Dish

This is also a really easy supper or light w/e lunch dish:

Butter/grease a rectangular baking dish. (Actually any shape will do as long as there's enough room for the rice to expand.)

Rinse and drain, and place in the base of the dish - 8ozs. (225g.) of long grain (raw) Rice, S&P, and some mixed dried (or fresh) herbs of choice.

Place your chicken pieces (wings, legs, thighs or breast pieces on the bone) on top of your rice.

Cut some small potatoes into quarters, and dot around the chicken pieces. Dont cut the potato pieces too large, as they wont cook through. You could parboil them first then add them in, but if the pieces are small enough - they'll be fine. (All ingreds. should take the same amount of cooking time.) Season again and sprinkle over - a small chopped onion.

Pour over 1 pt. of hot chicken stock, in which a knob of butter has been melted.

Oven at 190 c. (ish)

Cover with foil for the first 30 mins (approx.), then remove the foil to brown the chicken and the pots - - and finish the cooking.
About an hour should do it, but do check to see that the chicken's cooked through, the rice is done, and the potatoes are soft and slightly golden - otherwise leave longer in the oven.
Serve with a nice green veg ............ maybe peas.
The quantity of rice will serve approx. 4 people.
As a general guide -
8ozs. (225 g) of raw rice to 1 pt.(550 mls) of stock

Really easy - so it will give you time to make a more adventurous pud! (If you're still hungry!)

Veggie Option: You could make this dish without the chicken, using veggie stock, and have it as an accompaniment. When the potatoes are nice and soft - and slightly crispy on top - it's very tasty!

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