Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Beauty Tips - Honey

Some time ago I was told by a chap, (a builder no less), that he uses neat runny honey every day on his face - and he did have lovely skin! So, bearing that in mind here are a few honeyed tips:

Honey for moisturising:
Mix together: 1.1/2 tblspns of runny Honey
1 egg white
2 tblspns glycerine
3 tblspns of flour

Whisk the honey, egg white and glycerin together. Add the flour and you should get a paste. Apply to your face, and rinse with warm, then cold water, after 15 mins.

Honey & Egg Mask:
1egg yolk
1 tspn of runny Honey
1 tspn of Vit.E oil
1 tspn of Almond Oil

Mix all ingredients together, until smooth.
Apply to face and rinse with warm water after 15 mins.

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