Sunday, 1 June 2008

Kitchen Beauty

To whiten your nails - cut off the end of a lemon (with some flesh still on) and plunge your nails into it. This makes them lovely and white - specially after gardening - - then use a little oil to moisturise - - rub in well.

Olive Oil is very good as a moisturiser, except you may run the risk of smelling like a fish 'n chip shop!

After gardening - pour a little oil and granulated sugar in the palm of your hand and rub well into the skin - this should get all the mucky ingrained earthy bits off your hands.
Rinse, and use a nice handcream or some more oil to moisturise. You dont have to be a gardener to do this - it will make your hands super soft anyway!

Milk is very good for getting rid of 'hair colourant' stains on the skin! (I believe cigarette ash is also good - but as I'm not a smoker, I havent tried this!)

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