Thursday, 29 May 2008

Lettuce or Green Soup - very easy (and tasty)

This can be made with any selection of nice green leaves, with the exception of Iceberg lettuce - as this is tasteless - and not any bitter leaves. You can add some Celery too, but peel this before chopping, so you dont get any stringy bits in the soup.


couple tablespoons of good Olive or Sunflower Oil + knob of Butter - (not essential)

Regular Round Lettuce - cut off stalk and wash leaves
1 white Onion - roughly chopped
1 largeish white potato - roughly chopped small
garlic - to taste - add this 'freshly squished' at the end*
Vegetable or Chicken Stock
+milk if fancied!


  1. Saute the chopped white onion and potato in your oil - until transparent(ish)
  2. Add your selection of lettuce leaves - (maybe some spinach, cucumber, courgette - if you have some leftover in your fridge,) turn all ingredients in the oil and cook for a minute or two.
  3. Add your stock to well cover the ingredients and cook gently, until all veggies are soft - dont overcook. * If you dont want too strong a taste of garlic, add it to the stock at this stage. Taste for seasoning - bought stock is usually quite salty.
  4. Liquidise soup - you will need to add some extra stock or milk at this stage to make a nice creamy consistency. Dont add too much at once.
Done! I personally dont like creamy soups, so thick that you can stand your spoon up in them! If you like the taste of nutmeg, you can just add a teeny pinch of this before serving, and also add a blob of sweet cream, sour cream or yogurt.

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