Friday, 20 September 2013

Chicken Tagine - very easy and Cous Cous


9 chicken thigh fillets - approx. 1 kg. - cut in halves
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 medium white onions - sliced thinly
4 cloves of garlic - crushed
1 tsp. each of :
cumin seeds (or ground cumin), ground coriander, ground ginger, ground turmeric, ground cinnamon, (nutmeg if liked)
1/2 tsp. chilli powder
2.1/2 cups of hot water + stock cube (or proper stock!)
1-1.1/2 cups of dried apricots (soft) or dates
1/4 cup of honey
good handful of fresh, chopped coriander

1. Fry the chicken - (I use a deep frying pan) - skin side down first, in the hot oil - until nicely browned; turn and cook for a further few minutes, then remove from pan.
2. Add the onions, garlic and spices and cook, stirring - until soft but not browned.
3. Return the chicken to the pan, mix gently together, and add the stock (water), honey and apricots.
Cover and Cook on a fairly low heat (just simmering) for approx. 30 mins.  Stir or shake from time to time during cooking to stop the food from sticking.
(Test the chicken to see it is cooked through - but not overcooked .......... especially if you are going to reheat the dish.)

Serve with rice or couscous.

Quick Couscous recipe:
3 cups of Couscous
3 cups of boiling water - in a large bowl.
Leave for about 5-10 mins for the water to be absorbed.  While waiting -
Fry 1 chopped white onion and some garlic in a little olive oil - until soft - then add to the couscous,
with a handful of sweet dried fruit of choice - (raisins, sultanas, apricots, dates, etc.)  I also threw in some pine kernels.
Mix well and season to taste.
Add some chopped, fresh coriander before serving.

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