Monday, 11 February 2013

Chicken Filo Pie - very easy - with Leftovers

Filo Pastry sheets (about 3 or 4) & sesame seeds (if wanted)
approx. 8 ozs.(225g)  leftover cooked chicken - cut into bitesized chunks & into an ovenproof dish.
4ozs. (125g) sliced mushrooms
small onion - chopped 
and clove of chopped garlic

1oz. butter or sunflower oil
1 rounded tablespoon of plain flour
1/4pt. (150ml) chicken stock
salt, white pepper and some chopped corriander if fancied.

1. Fry over the mushrooms, onions and garlic in the oil/butter, cool, and add to the chicken.

2. Making the sauce the quick way -  
Put all the sauce ingredients into a microwaveable jug, stir, zap, on High,  and stir from time to time to make the sauce smooth, cook until the sauce is nicely thickened.  Add some corriander if using.

3. Cool, then pour over the chicken and mushrooms

4. Brush oil on each sheet of Filo you use and place over the chicken mix, and tuck in. If using sesame seeds, sprinkle over the top and bake at approx. 190C until the pastry is golden and the filling is beginning to bubble through.

If you want to encase the filling, place about 3 or 4 oiled filo sheets into a greased ovenproof dish. You use the overlaps to cover the pie, but you may need an extra sheet or so to completely cover the filling.
Put the filling in, then fold the overlaps onto the pie top.
It doesn't matter if they're not too neat, as they always look pretty when baked. 
Bake as above, though this will probably take longer than if just the top of the pie is covered.

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