Thursday, 17 July 2008

Cabbage Heaven ..........

This beauty is in the allotment at St.James's Park, London. It's almost hidden away, (near the restaurant) if you dont know the park very well. It is so worth a visit. It's only there until the end of September - some wonderful ideas for use in our small gardens, including a wormery, ( a bee home, and lots of interesting veg. All the plants look just wonderful.

Quick regular cabbage recipe: Shred cabbage leaves fairly finely, remove stalks if wanted, put in boiling, salted water and cook till just tender, drain, toss in a little garlic and butter or good olive oil. Season with S&P.
Tip: Put a bayleaf or three in with the veg. as it boils - it stops that awful old boiled veggie smell. This will work very well with any green veg.

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